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Become part of the Hana Lists community! Have something to say regarding being a social Muslim, meeting people, places to hang out, event reviews? Then submit to hello@hanalists.com. Please read the following guidelines first:


Min 400 and maximum 1000 words
Our ethos is: personal, honest, and engaging

Tips for being engaging:

  • Show your headline to 5 people and ask, Would they would click on it?
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Learn about magnetic headlines and writing viral articles.


Overall theme of Hana Lists: Every article must answer this: does it help people’s social life meet their Islamic values?

Types of contents:

  • Reviews: of events / restaurants / cafes / courses / services e.g. Top 10 Halal Chinese Restaurants in East London, 5 Cheap Venues for Mendhis in West London
  • How to’s: eg. how to make a taal, how to make favours, unique birthday celebration ideas, 10 Islamic Gift Ideas
  • Etiquette information: Cultural and religious etiquette at events e.g. what to do and expect at an engagement, cinifans, weddings, births
  • Social skills advice: how to network, avoid pub socials for work by suggesting alternative socialising, 20 Kindness Challenge using pillars of Islam
  • Interviews: successful / inspiring Muslim people, startups, businesses, charities etc

Hana Lists is not about giving Islamic advice. There are several sites that already do this well (e.g. Muslim Matters and SuhaibWebb). Hana Lists is about providing information and ideas on how and where to do things and what to expect so that people can live their social life according to their values.


If you want to write articles that keep you anonymous and use an alterego, please state so in your email submission.

Important Notes

Sending your email does not guarantee that your article will be published on Hana Lists, though following the above guidelines will give you a high chance. If you prefer, you can email first to enquire the likelihood of publishing your topic before writing.