One Minute Speech Challenge for Charity

Date: Saturday 22nd February 2014
Time: 2.00 pm – 5.00 pm
Location: Resource For London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA
Tickets: £25 suggested donation, buy here


Some people raise funds from their friends and family telling them they are going to run a marathon for a charity.

I have never fully understood why they actually do run the marathon once the funds are raised, I supposed it is one of these things, however if taking up a challenge is what works, why not jumping on a stage and facing your fear of public speaking?
(and feeling the delicious thrill of overcoming it….)

This is how the idea of this ONE MINUTE SPEECH CHALLENGE occurred to me…

I was touched by the pictures the UNICEF sent to me, just before the disaster in the Philippines, of Syrian children living in camps, especially in Jordan, where the winter can be very cold. Organizing efficiently takes time and we’re already half way through winter! … However there is always more then can do, for food, warmth, medicine, education…
I also wanted to support a Fair Trade business: Fair Phone. Ethical businesses are as important as charities, maybe even more. They contribute to create a world where charities shouldn’t be needed…. I am also sensitive to the issue of conflict minerals in Congo. That’s why the price of the contest will be a FAIR PHONE.

The price of the phone is on me.
This is my donation so as to keep the organisation fees of this event as low as possible. You are not raising funds to pay a smart phone, even a fair trade one, to the winner. You raise funds to rent the room with a microphone, a few flyers and the rest goes for the children…

You certainly have noticed that I am doing public speaking business on this website. There is something in it for me: exposure as a speaker…and trainer. That’s why I can pay for the smart phone.

Now, here is how it works:

You raise a few quid to subscribe (suggested amount £25 / compulsory minimum £12) then you register as a contestant here

– Jean Marc Pierson

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