Budget Birthdays for Skint Students


Times are getting tough, everything seems to be getting pricier while us students seem to be getting more skint. Do you just sometimes walk past a store seeing the loveliest outfit that you can’t afford to buy? Smell the most delicious plate of food that you better not spend your weekly budget on? Or the most exciting event on that you would rather watch from home because that way is free? Well, same goes for birthdays. Student love to go wild and do something great to remember for a birthday party (the halaal way of course) especially when you hit your 18th, but in this economy it often seems like all you can afford to do is go down the nearest chippy and even that’s pushing it.

Not to worry. There are many things you can change or resort to that won’t leave you eating beans and toast for a whole week. First of all, the best way to save money when needed is to deposit the amount of cash you need weekly and then give your bank card away for a friend to look after till your next weekly budget, therefore you physically cannot overspend and can instead save up for those all important gifts and party budget.

Shop for sale items or look online for discount codes when it come to buying gifts for your friends or party decorations, that way the presents are still worth quite a bit but you jut sneakily paid less for it 😉

Birthdays could be a lot cheaper doing a house party with close friends like an all girls night, just try kicking your family out or hide them away upstairs or maybe even get them to join in. They are full of party games like quizzes, spin the bottle or pass the parcel. It may seem childish but it’s lots of fun to let yourself go and you really get into it. All the party games come cheap like making up the quiz yourself or getting it from online and getting little toys from Wilkinson’s for the pass the parcel. You can get cheap party foods and snacks from Iceland or Pound shop or even Sainsbury’s which now have their own halaal meat section like burgers and nuggets.

If you decide to eat out with your friends, you can go to places like Nando’s which most people are familiar with and won’t have to dig deep into their pockets. Another is buffets which are always a good way of eating from Indian to Chinese that can widely be found halaal. This way everyone knows the fixed amount they are paying and yet can eat as much as they want. It also takes up alot of time so you won’t have to do anything after.

Going out for shisha is a nice way to chill out with your friends and just have fun, some places even have dessert or hot food section that you can eat after or even bring your own birthday cake. Shisha places can be found in lots of areas and often are cheap. However for some shisha can be seen as not acceptable so it is your choice whether you are comfortable in doing it.

Cinemas and bowling or ice skating can be seen as conventional but is great fun to go with friends and you can even look online for 2 for 1 tickets. Purchasing a taste card or an NUS card can seem expensive and money grabbing short-term but in the long term you save a great deal of money by getting discounts from your favourite stores and places to eat, this can be used on great restaurants and events. It is ideal to use to on birthdays for you and all your friends so everyone saves some money. Always opt to look for things closer to home so no one has to pay lots on travelling.

So there you have it, the budget way to do your birthday for skint students. You can still have lots of fun; remember it’s mainly all about the company than the place or activity itself. Always look for discounts online, close to home and something that takes up a lot of time so you don’t have to do or pay for anything after. Hope you all have a budget birthday full of fun and memories!

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